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McDonald Institute

The McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research serves as an interdisciplinary hub aiming to provide a shared intellectual home for archaeologists at Cambridge with a programme of seminars, workshops, conferences, publications and research grants as well as laboratory space for a wide range of archaeological research which crosses continents, periods and approaches in its exploration of the diversity of the human past.

Division of Archaeology

The Division of Archaeology at the University of Cambridge is a world-leading centre for the study of the human past across the globe, from the Palaeolithic to the present.

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COMING SOON: Kavos and the Special Deposits

Due to be published Spring 2016, this will be the second volume in 'The Sanctuary on Keros and Origins of Aegean Ritual Practice: the excavations of 2006-2008' series. Edited by Colin Renfrew, Olga Philaniotou, Neil Brodie, Giorgos Gavalas and Michael Boyd, it describes the excavation and finds from the Special Deposits at Kavos at the sanctuary on Keros lying opposite the settlement on the islet of Dhaskalio (described in Volume I). The finds of marble from the Special Deposit South are described in Volume III, and the pottery in Volume V. The sanctuary at Kavos, dating from c. 2700 BC to 2400 BC has yielded the richest ritual deposits of the early bronze age Cyclades. The finds are presented here in their excavation contexts, and the significance of the Special Deposit South as a ritual deposit is examined in the context of Aegean prehistory

LATEST PUBLICATION - Preludes to Urbanism

This newest volume in the McDonald Institute Monographs Series explores early complex society and nascent urbanism, based in studies of Mesopotamia during the fifth–fourth millennia BC. The authors use multi-scalar approaches, including material culture-based studies, settlement archaeology and regional surveys, to achieve an understanding of the dynamics of early urbanism across this key region. The book reveals the variety of social, economic and political relationships that are implicit within an urban centre and an urbanized society.

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History of "presence of warfare' further extended back in time

Feb 01, 2016

Prehistoric skeletal remains of a group of foragers massacred in northern Kenya's Rift Valley around 10,000 years ago offer earliest evidence of a violent encounter between clashing groups

Neolithic North African communities delayed move to domesticated grains

Jan 18, 2016

Study of Neolithic stone tools from Haua Fteah cave show evidence of gradual transition between nomadic and settled lifestyles

Ancient Roman sanitation had no clear benefit to public health

Jan 15, 2016

New study shows the Romans weren't quite as clean as was once thought

'Peterborough Pompeii'

Jan 13, 2016

Must Farm excavations reveal Bronze Age wooden roundhouses almost in same state of presesrvation as the day they plunged into the Fens 3,000 years ago

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An Oral History of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research

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'An Oral History of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research recorded on its 25th Anniversary in honour of Dora Kemp'
With Colin Renfrew, Anthony Snodgrass, Paul Mellars, Peter Forster, Jenny Doole, Chris Scarre, Martin Jones, Graeme Barker, Cyprian Broodbank and Kate Pretty

Filmed in the McDonald Institute seminar room on Friday 27th February 2015 as part the Arch and Anth Centennial celebrations.

If you have problems viewing this, please follow the link for alternative formats. <>

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