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McDonald Institute Senior Fellows

Prof. Graeme Barker FBA

Dr. Roger Bland

Janine Bourriau

Prof. Dilip Chakrabarti

Dr. Christopher Chippindale

Dr Harriet Crawford

Prof. Eamon Duffy

Prof. Norman Hammond FBA

Dr. Catherine Hills

Prof. Barry Kemp FBA

Jonathan King

Prof. Geoffrey Martin

Prof. Nick Mascie Taylor

Prof. Sir Paul Mellars FBA

Dr Joan Oates FBA

Prof. Nicholas Postgate

Dr Kate Pretty

Prof. Lord Colin Renfrew FBA

Dr. Jane Renfrew

Dr Colin Shell

Prof. Anthony Snodgrass FBA

Dr. Janice Stargardt

Dr Ghanim Wahida

Prof. Andrew Wallace-Hadrill

Prof. Ann Wintle

Showcasing research highlights and outreach for the academic year 2016-2017

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Upcoming events

Ivory Identification 2018

Sep 21, 2018

Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge

African Archaeology Group

Nov 24, 2018

McDonald Institute Seminar Room, Courtyard Building, Downing Street

Upcoming events

An Oral History of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research