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New Must Farm excavations underway

last modified Oct 14, 2015 01:25 PM
Cambridge Archaeological Unit begin work on a new project - Bronze Age Timber Platform

The Cambridge Archaeological Unit has returned to Must Farm to begin an important eight-month excavation project - Bronze Age Timber Platform. This is the second dig at the Fenland site near Whittlesey in Cambridgeshire following an earlier project, Bronze Age River, in 2011.

Excavations will focus on a settlement at the site that was destroyed by fire, causing it to collapse into a river channel and thereby preserving the contents in situ. This 'intact world' was lost to rising sea levels over three thousand years ago, but the bands of waterlain sediments have protected it from the effects of time .

Everything on the Must Farm project will be recorded using photogrammetry, a technique requiring dozens of photographs of the same object. It can record individual artefacts as well as larger areas, which ultimately can be used to create a 3D image.  The image below shows the tips of the palisade.



 Photo Credit: Donald Horne

Described as the first 'landscape scale archaeological investigation of deep Fenland' the project is transforming understanding of prehistoric life.

Must Farm website


Posted 13/10/2015



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