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Mandela Professorship in African Archaeology

last modified Mar 16, 2015 08:07 AM
Campaign launched to provide a Mandela Professorship in African Archaeology at the University of Cambridge


The highly successful Centenary celebration of the establishment of the Archaeology and Anthropology degree at the University of Cambridge saw the launching of a campaign to provide a Mandela Professorship in African Archaeology at the University of Cambridge.

The event included a reception in the Musuem of Archaeology and Anthropology and a formal dinner at Magdalene College, where College Master Dr Rowan Williams, former Archbishop of Canterbury, was guest speaker.

Said Dr Williams: “In a world where it is easy to polarize between humanities and sciences, which can sometimes cripple intellectual adventurousness, here is a field of study which has managed to weave them together with colossal creativity.”

“I know Nelson Mandela was deeply committed to the establishment of this Professorship in his own time and he gave his blessing to early discussions about it.   As we look to the future we have many reasons for thinking that this is a natural, proper and worthy memorial for the University and Magdalene College.”

Nelson Mandela visited Magdalene to accept an honorary Fellowship ten years ago.  The University has extensive collections of African archaeology and anthropology.

Over 450 delegates from around the world, mostly alumni of the Cambridge Archaeology and Anthropology degree, attended the Centenary celebration.

Photo Credit: Howard Guest
Posted 13/03/2015
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