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Cultured Rainforest Project published in 'Archaeology Magazine'

last modified Feb 17, 2014 09:18 PM
"Research in the Kelabit jungles offers new possibilities for assembling the puzzle of human history across interior Borneo."


Karen Coates of Archaeology Magazine writes: "Since 2007, Lindsay Lloyd-Smith of Sogang University’s Institute for East Asian Studies in Seoul, South Korea, has coordinated archaeological fieldwork for a multiyear, multidisciplinary research team called the Cultured Rainforest Project (CRF). Led by Cambridge archaeologist Graeme Barker, CRF includes scientists from universities and institutes across the United Kingdom, South Korea, and Malaysia, and combines work in the disciplines of archaeology, anthropology, and paleoecology. The project’s aim is to investigate past and present relationships between people and rain forest in interior highland Borneo."

To read more about this project see Archaeology Magazine on-line at: