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Archaeologists at Cambridge

McDonald Institute Central Staff

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DM McDonald Grants and Awards Committee

The McDonald Institute supports field projects and other research initiatives of the University of Cambridge’s archaeologists through its annual grants from the DM McDonald Grants and Awards Fund. In 2012, grants totalling £143,243 were awarded to 34 projects ranging widely in time and space, many highlights of which can be found in 'Archaeology at Cambridge' in the publications section of this website.

Visiting Scholars

The McDonald Institute welcomes applications from those wishing to spend from three months to a maximum of twelve months working in Cambridge on topics relating to archaeology.

McDonald Institute Senior Fellows


Showcasing research highlights and outreach from the academic year 2015-2016

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Upcoming events

SHARING The Archaeology and Anthropology of Hunter-Gatherers

Sep 20, 2016

McDonald Institute Seminar Room

The Pasts and Presence of Art in South Africa: Technologies, Ontologies and Agents

Oct 27, 2016

McDonald Institute Seminar Room, Courtyard Building, Downing Street

Upcoming events

An Oral History of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research